Eco-Friendly Homes

There is a lot of talk about ‘Green Building’, but no exact definition. We believe ‘Green’ should mean ‘high performance building’.

There are many parts to a high performance home:

Tight Construction – don’t get outside air through gaps in the exterior walls; seal crawl spaces and attics to avoid mold and moisture.

Improved Insulation – the newer products do a better job

High Performance Windows – insulated, Low E, improved frames, better installation

High Efficiency Heating/Air Conditioning – the right type and the right size

Tight Ductwork – sealed ducts installed in conditioned space

Efficient Water Heating – tankless, power vented gas or high efficiency electric

Ventilation – vent bath moisture, add fresh air make-up

Appliances & Lighting – Energy Star rated

Site Orientation – putting the house on lot correctly

Improved durability – proper use of housewrap, flashing and sealants

Verification – test every home